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Observation: Canterlot High School (the town its in) = Equestria

I know that people - bronies - know that Equestria Girls was a thing that happened. That Rainbow Rocks by reports has managed to do things better, even if the bar was pretty low to begin with. Yet it occurs to me that the movies may not have been wholehearted heartless efforts to make a split off line of toys that they might have been. That maybe, just maybe, some associative cross-multiversal causality was taken into consideration. If not, then just like a totally made up tech-tech replacement phrase for alternate universe there's at least enough room to shoehorn in some theories. 

Like the counterparts for two immortal ailcorn rulers who raise the sun and moon being a couple of human education administrators. As principal and vice principal of a high school, they do guide if not control the student body as it transitions from the setting of adolescence to the rise of adulthood.

Then there's the little detail of Canterlot High merely being a high school rather than the capital to a nation. It is a societal cornerstone, about as important as the surrounding neighborhood and other qualities that define a town or city.

And speaking of towns or cities: what's the one Canterlot High school is in called? Eqestriaville? Do the human Mane Six happen to live along Ponyville Lane? Did the founding of the town have anything to do with horse trading, or could it be that like a major school, the people who named things had a thing about horse puns? A horrible, horrible thing.

Remember; the land of magical multi-colored ponies is just a country. A country by indication the size of a small European nation. The "bridge" that connects North and South America. It is not the name of a planet which might be smaller - or larger - than Earth. Because of that and other unknown factors just as Canerlot High is a dimensional equivalent to the nation of Equestria's capital, the city or town the school occupies could be the corresponding scaled equal to a small but still sizable country.       

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